han6gam is a newly launched brand by Knowledge Capital.co

Our dining space is designed not only to consume food. The core intention is to add precious time concept along with sharing sense of spaces with our most valued guests.


 We love “Gwanghwamun” with passion and that is why our story begins here.

“Gwanghwamun” is a historic site for emperors and kings’ residential place with geographical advantages. Numerous kings were born and raised as well as many renowned scholars, military officers, and merchants lived and visited here frequently on daily basis. Today’s no different as Blue House offices, embassies, giant domestic/global corporate headquarters are currently located in this place. We have set-up very interesting brand development strategy after carefully considering Gwanghwamun’s historic & geographical factors as appealing synopsis. There are armored knights establishing the kingdom on the streets of Joseon dynasty. Heroes were needed to fill this place with historical, geographical advantages. Knights with trendy suits instead of iron armor are fighting to expand their territory these days. “Han6Gam” is the knight’s place who have established the kingdom.

Our second project “YU:K” is the place to establish kingdom & enthronement of the king. We have completed everything with symbolization, proper art form in order to add meaningful senses into spaces as well as to respect our valued guests with the best cuisine, best service to make your time most precious and valuable.